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Garment Accessory in Pathankot

Garment Accessory in Pathankot

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We offer several styles of garment accessory in Pathankot or metal clothing racks to help you organize your clothing inventory. We have what you are looking for whether it is our standard chrome garment racks or our specialty racks which include lingerie racks, belt and tie displays and shoe racks. Dossier India also carries several accessories for your clothing racks as well as tagging supplies to help with your clothing merchandising.

Dossier provides complete delivery service with transport facility of the material to our customers’ preferred destination. Our quotes for transportation offer a cost-effective solution. We have selected the very best transportation providers and freight companies. Our relationship with these companies has helped us ship material for customers on time and on budget with service and reliability. 

Powder Coating
We have a state of the art powder coating machine that lets us make rack look like new. Powder coating uses magnetic forces to adhere paint powder to pallet rack. We then send the rack and paint powder thru an oven which melts the paint and makes pallet rack & slotted angle rack look like new. It’s awesome. Powder coating allows to refurbish storage systems, sell them for less than new, and pass on the savings to our customers. Powder coating allows us to make racks & shelving look great, regardless of age

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